Days, Numbers, Years and Signs

Lets have a little fun with numerology, and explore the universal and personal year.

We’ll start with today. 11.22.19.

Every year has a universal year number, arrived at by adding each individual number in the year together until one final digit is reached. Example: 2019 = 2+0+1+9= 12. (You don’t have to add the zeros, I only did it for the demonstration)

2019 = 12. 1+2= 3
The universal year number is 3.

Now, take the day and month numbers of your own birthdate and add them together, one digit at a time. Example: May 5th = 5/12. 5+1+2= 8. Next, add the universal year number to that sum. Now you have your own personal universal year number.

My personal year number is 5 for this year. This year for me is a year to get out of the rut and explore new things. To learn new things, be adaptable, make friends, think outside the box and go outside of the routine. Below is a list of Personal Year number definitions and guidance from 1-9. Also included are 11 and 22 which are master numbers and do not reduce down to one digit. Find your own personal year number and use it as a guide.

Personal Years:

1 Year:  

First, take stock of your direction in life, your ideals and purposes.  Is your moral compass pointing north? Is this direction moving you into a better way of life that supports your vision for the future, your own dignity and the dignity of others?  If so, then hold fast to your ideals and purposes and don’t let others sway you away from your path. Listen to opinions and counsel, but don’t let yourself become derailed. This is a planting time, it took nine years to get to this place.  Envision your goal for yourself for the next nine years. Hold onto that picture of yourself doing and being the person you want to be, and in detail. You are planting the seed that you want to see come to fruition, and it is in you hands.  This is a very Yang time, an active time of extroverted effort. Be productive and provide that seed with enough nourishment from your positive activities to see it become the strong plant from which you will reap future growth.

2 Year:

The seeds you have planted in your 1 year are now beginning to germinate.  You have done the active work of planting, and now is the time to allow new things to come to you.  This is a very Yin time. This is a time to be still and receptive, allowing yourself to attract what you need simply by holding a calm and open mind.  Working with others will benefit you, and this also means strengthening your friendships. Patience is key here, and you will find that attempts to manipulate situations will cause opportunities to dry up, unlike the previous year when pursuing opportunity benefited you.  Continue to fertilize the seed you have planted in the previous year. Learn the power of patience, waiting. Meditation is very beneficial here. Cultivate the stillness and discover the power of peaceful productivity.

3 Year:

This is a busy and social year.  You may find that you are very active with old friends, and are making new ones.  The environment will feel more cheerful, and it will be a time to enjoy yourself more.  It will be easy to put too many irons in the fire this year, so put a boundary around activities so that you do not scatter your energies.  Finish projects before beginning new ones. You should begin to see some growth from the seeds you planted in your 1 year. This can be an energetic and happy time of growth and joy. Have fun with it!

4 Year:

This year will find you working hard.  The number four represents foundation and stability, (think of four pillars supporting a structure, the four corners of the earth, etc.), and this is where you must put your focus in this 4 year.  Do not shy away from hard work, and look for opportunities in which to put your energy. Stability and practicality are the buzz-words for this 4 year, so put things to the test to make sure they are worthy of your hard efforts.  The little details are important to pay attention to at this time, as are past mistakes. Making amends and putting old errors right will powerfully further your efforts. What you are doing here is strengthening weak areas so that the future will have a better chance to take strong root.  Take stock of your health, make changes to your diet if necessary. Your body is your host while you are incarnate, and keeping it healthy, happy and strong is critical. Remember stability and practicality are your mantras for the 4 year, and this means your physical presence as well. You can’t accomplish much if you are constantly responding to health issues that you create yourself, so it is really logical and rational to do all you can for your physical health.

5 Year:

This is a year for getting out of the rut.  The same old routine will no longer serve you, so try new things in this 5 year!  You may find that letting go of old stuff will help you to clear the way for the new to come in.  This may mean people, situations or physical items that are no longer useful to you. The people in our lives should be our support network, but from time to time we find that some folks are creating more chaos for us than we want in our lives.  It is okay to lovingly let them go, (never be rude or accusatory, they may not know they are being negative in our lives). The 5 year is about progress, so if you own a business advertise more, come up with new ways to serve your customer base, be innovative.  There may appear to be an environment of restlessness around you, but don’t allow it to deter you, use it for fuel! Be adaptable, learn new things, try things you wouldn’t normally try, but don’t let yourself become too scattered. All these new things you’re trying should be things that are useful for you and help to accomplish your goals.

6 Year:

This will be a year of responsibilities.  Your responsibilities will be increasing and you will be pulled in many directions.  You may find that you are of great help to those less capable than yourself. This will take the personal out of interactions, as they will come and go quickly, leaving little time for being social.  At home, however, you will find that you are surrounded by lots of love and friendliness. You will likely feel more contented in your personal life, even though your work life gives you less time for socializing.  This is a time to make sure you finish everything you start. Go slowly and be methodical, accomplishing at a steady pace. You may have the sense that not very much is being accomplished, but behind the scenes Universal Law is hard at work.  The 6 year is the most personal of vibrations, a very domestic energy. This is a beautiful influence for marriage and all home life conditions.

7 Year:

This is a year for reflection and awaiting developments.  This will not be a social year or a year. You should plan on being home more, alone with your thoughts regarding all that has come to pass.  Learn to know where your power lies, understand past mistakes and contemplate your future desires. Do not allow the past to become a stumbling block for you.  Put away negative feelings about the past, learn from errors and put these things where they belong. Do not attempt to grow your business at this time, as this is not a year conducive to growth, but steadiness.  This is a time of personal analysis and deep introspection. Look at what you have, what you’ve gained. Take stock of your life and keep only what is good, and deepen the roots of what you have decided to keep.  This is a good number year for the financial vibration as long as you do not put the focus on money for material uses. The 7 year is a spiritual vibration, and will not tolerate purely materialistic pursuits.

8 Year:

This is a power year.   All of your efforts and hard work are now yielding the fruits of your labors.  This is the Law of Compensation at work for you now. Last year was a time to be still and prune all that needed to be tended to, cutting out what wasn’t serving you, and allow to flow all that was already in place that DOES serve you.  This 8 year now is the time to take action. Plan, and act on your plans. Plan big! There are big opportunities for you at this time, and you will find that you can draw them to you. This is your power year!

9 Year:

This is a year to clean house, figuratively and possibly literally.  This may be a difficult year of dealing with old issues that get in the way and trip us up.  It is entirely necessary to finish unfinished business at this time, complete projects that need to be completed and put away.  This old baggage will come up unexpectedly, drawing attention to what needs your energy, and if you deny this or fail to face this baggage, it could come back to bite you later, causing some physical problems.  What we fail to deal with and resolve eventually will show up in our health and physical condition. This is a year in which you face the beginning of a new cycle of 9, and you do not want to carry over any old issues into that new cycle. This is a time to enjoy your friends and loved ones as an equal, never as the center of attention.  Creative endeavors are called for in a 9 year. Get outside and enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature. Be a loving and tolerant person to everyone, and even try to see the goodness and dignity in people you may have looked over in the past.  By doing all these things you create a fertile ground for the next cycle of 9. By getting rid of things that hold you back or delay your efforts, tying up loose ends, the next cycle can begin fresh.

11 Year:

This is a year in which your focus should be within the self.  Your ideals are going to guide you in all that you do. What ideals and principles are you expressing?  How do you conduct business? How do you speak to and treat other people? Negative approaches in these areas in an 11 year will bring the energy down into a 2 vibration and you will find that you are blocked and limited in what you can do.  However, should you take stock and ensure that your efforts are working in positive ways, you will find that you will be steered into the right places at the right times. This is a spiritual vibration, and so you may find that your spiritual inclinations are increasing, and/or your psychic traits are becoming stronger, or that you have acquired new psychic/intuitive skills.  You could also have some interesting spiritual insights.

22 Year:

This is an impersonal year.  This is not a year in which your actions will be for your personal gain.  This is a year when your efforts will benefit on the wider field and not just for you. Do not attempt to work the energy for yourself as this will not yield any benefit and may work against you.  Make your efforts strong and be relentless. You could find that you have an opportunity to benefit the good of all!

*Year definitions inspired by Florence Campbell

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